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BTX2 Pro S LR is the first mid-range intercom with Bluetooth 4.2 dual chipset technology: 8 people (4 bikes), with driver and passenger in Conference mode, up to 6 people in One-to-One mode. All in Full Duplex mode, with digital quality and DSP noise suppression system and AGC for automatic volume control based on background noise (deactivated and adjustable). The range of BTX2 Pro S LR (without the aid of apps), is 1.6 Km*. Talk on the intercom and listen simultaneously to GPS directions or your favorite stereo music in the background. You can also share music and GPS with your interlocutor (including motorbike to motorcycle). Update BTX2 Pro S LR via the BTUPdater software by connecting it via Micro-USB socket to your PC (Windows or Mac) and customize it with BT Pro SetApp from your smartphone (iOS and Android)